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The trillion dollar coin

There is an idea gaining ground in the US which sounds absurd, but which perhaps simply highlights the absurdity of something we now consider normal.

These seeds of resentment and hostility have been sown before

It’s sometimes said that, when discussing politics, the first person to make a comparison with Nazi Germany has lost the argument.

'Tough choices', Cabinet paper revelations, and the assault on welfare

UK government Cabinet papers from 1982, now released under the 30-year disclosure rule, confirm that the dismantling of the welfare state, the privatisation of the NHS and the savage cutting of public services has been a long-held ambition of the Conservative party.

Justice Collective show the way for Christmas

It’s easy to get cynical about celebrities and their charitable efforts, but this year’s race for the Christmas No. 1 actually seems meaningful, as The Justice Collective’s ‘He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother’ looks well placed to win. [It did!]

Why the struggle against 'war on welfare' really matters

On the evening of Tuesday 18 December, the WOW petition was launched. WOW stands for War on Welfare, and behind the petition is a community of sick and disabled people, carers, friends and families, who have come together via social media to start a resistance.

Help push the debate on the impact of cuts on the disabled

In the Summer I wrote about my seriously ill friend Yvonne, who has had a double lung transplant, breast cancer, and multiple other health problems.

Today, Yvonne is in an ambulance on her way to Harefield Hospital in Middlesex, from her home in North Wales. Two weeks ago, she was summoned to her local Jobcentre, having been placed in the Work Related Activity Group by Atos, who believe that with support Yvonne could return to work in the future. Yvonne will be lucky to be alive in the future, but thanks to Atos and the DWP, she is spending what time she has left worrying about her appeal against this ludicrous decision.

The politics behind the welfare myths

Radio 4’s extended programme on Welfare failed to challenge some of the myths surrounding the subject, but paradoxically, later that same day, BBC4 television screened a brilliant documentary which laid bare the politics behind these myths, and the reason they have been so heavily promoted.

BBC's State of Welfare fails to challenge myths

Radio Four’s three hour special ‘The State of Welfare’ was very disappointing. I hoped that the BBC would redeem its journalistic reputation by basing the programme on solid research, rigorous interviewing techniques, and a range of voices and experience. It would have been the ideal opportunity to establish a factual basis for debate.

Catholic Social Teaching and the political left

For Christians, and particularly Catholics, who believe that their faith is incompatible with right-wing political policies, these are interesting times.

Time for the 'comfortable' to rise up

This week, when a desperate Spanish woman Amaia Egana committed suicide as her home was about to be repossessed, her outraged neighbours took to the streets, and the Spanish government is now going to change the law to try to prevent a repeat of this tragedy.