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No such thing as society, squared

The fact that Theresa May is a vicar’s daughter is often mentioned in the media.

Scotland, where the government actually seems to like people

Living in England, where the hostile environment seems to extend not just to the Windrush generation but to anyone who is not privileged or prosperous, it is strange to think that just next door in

Foodbanks, Universal Credit, and the hostile environment for people who are poor

In 2013 Theresa May

Stop and Scrap Universal Credit

Today in a National Day of Action organised by Disabled People Against Cuts, activists across the country are calling on the government to

Is the two child limit 'a perfect eugenic solution'?

When my father was killed in an accident, I was five.  My brothers were seven and two.

Changes to how local government is funded will entrench inequality

Lord Porter, the Conservative chair of the Local Government Association

Foodbanks, homelessness, and the government's wilful ignorance

There appears to be a new government tactic developing.

The Two Nations of Britain and 'economic murder'

In Benjamin Disraeli’s novel Sybil, published in 1845, an aristocratic character boasts that Britain is the greatest nation that ever existed.

Why Universal Credit needs to be stopped and scrapped

The designers of Universal Credit sold it as a simplification of the benefits system.

Welcoming a more humane approach to drug policy

It is not often that a person elected to public office makes a policy announcement which is courageous, enlightened, and humane.