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Stop the Universal Credit juggernaut

The word juggernaut comes from the huge vehicles used by Indian temples to transport statues of their gods. They were so difficult to control that they often crushed people in their path.

State pension age, health, and dignity

As the state pension age rises for both men and women, it will affect the poor much more than the wealthy, and the sick much more than the healthy.

When prescription medication is unaffordable

We know that millions of people on low incomes often go without essentials such as food and heating.

Government-created destitution

A few days ago (29 June 2017) there was an event in Westminster – ‘The Co

Two magic money trees and a helicopter

When the end of austerity is proposed, well-worn arguments are rehearsed.

Property rights and Christianity

The suggestion that the government could requisition empty properties to house survivors from Grenfell Tower has caused outrage in some quarters.

Hope renewed

This morning I am more hopeful about UK politics than I have been in a long time.

Saudi Arabia and our security

After the London Bridge attack, Theresa May said, “there is to be frank, far too much tolerance of extremism in our country.

The Naylor Report: the danger that lies ahead

For many years I have been under the care of the Royal Brompton Hospital in London.

Foodbanks, welfare reform, and 'cash flow problems'

Yesterday ( 29 May 2017 ) on a live television show, former Justice Minister Dominic Raab stated that people who used foodbanks were not “languishing in poverty” but experiencing a “cash flow probl