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Hope renewed

This morning I am more hopeful about UK politics than I have been in a long time.

Saudi Arabia and our security

After the London Bridge attack, Theresa May said, “there is to be frank, far too much tolerance of extremism in our country.

The Naylor Report: the danger that lies ahead

For many years I have been under the care of the Royal Brompton Hospital in London.

Foodbanks, welfare reform, and 'cash flow problems'

Yesterday ( 29 May 2017 ) on a live television show, former Justice Minister Dominic Raab stated that people who used foodbanks were not “languishing in poverty” but experiencing a “cash flow probl

Hope and trust in the election campaign

On World Communications Day yesterday (28 May 2017) Pope Francis delivered a message which seemed particularly relevant to the UK as we navigate the General Election campaign.

The link between poverty and poor mental health should not be ignored

The death of a young man recentl

What Northern Ireland can tell us about welfare reform

Imagine if, when Iain Duncan Smith began his welfare reforms, we had allocated an area of the UK where the reforms were not implemented, as a sort of control group for comparison.

Hard work and Theresa May

In the UK today, hard work is no guarantee against poverty. People in some of the most vital and demanding jobs have the lowest incomes - and they may be about to get lower. 

Is your household income high, low, or average?

When the Labour Party proposed a tax rise for the rich, Shadow Cha

A UKIP government in all but name?

You may be in pain because of a delayed operation. You may be unable to get social care for a frail parent. You may be worrying that your child’s school is about to lose teachers.