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ESA cut - where is the promised mitigation?

Imagine if a friend had a stroke, heart attack or disabling accident this weekend. Imagine they became unable to work for an indefinite period, perhaps years.

School fees for a state education?

With schools facing funding cuts, parents across the country are being asked to make a financial contribution to make up the shortfall.

Disability, the minimum wage, and Christianity

 In Matthew’s Gospel (20: 1-15) the parable of the workers in the vineyard culminates in the famous phrase, “So the last will be first, and the first will be last”.

'Taking pills at home' - PIP and mental illness

Last week an Upper Tribunal ruling clarified the law, making it clear that people suffering from mental illness and who meet the criteria are entitled to a Personal Independence Payment (PIP).

Inquiry into PIP and Motor Neurone Disease

There can be few things more devastating than to be diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease (MND

The Smokescreen of the Work, Health and Disability Green Paper

Welfare reform policies, almost without exception, have been based on false assumptions, policy-based evidence, and an astounding ignorance of the lives that will be affected by such reforms.

Trump and May - more alike than appearances suggest?

As we watch the Trump White House in horrified fascination, are we in danger of tolerating similar attitudes and policies from our own government simply because they are expressed in a more subtle

The 99 Names of God - book review

The 99 Names of God : an illustrated Guide for Young and Old

Government ideology makes caring more difficult

When making cuts to social security benefits the government’s approach has been to blame the poor for their own poverty.

Why we can't afford child poverty

In 2013 Sir Michael Marmot warned that Britain faced a