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How greater equality could radically improve life in London

Rates of obesity, mental illness and teenage pregnancy in London could plummet if the gap between rich and poor was as small as that in some other countries, new research from The Equality Trust is proposing.

The BNP 'marching with bishops'

There are signs that The Daily Telegraph are beginning to get the relationship between what some Church of England bishops have been saying, and the BNP.

Protest being organised against Pope and sex abuse, outside Westminster Cathedral

Protesters in London this Sunday will accuse the Pope of covering up child sex abuse by Catholic clergy and demand his resignation.

Nick Griffin expresses support for Sentamu and Nazir Ali

It comes as little surprise that Nick Griffin has finally come out and expressed his support for the Archbishop of York, John Sentamu, and retired Bishop of Rochester, Michael Nazir Ali.

Christian Party endorses BNP stance on immigration from the EU

Just seen the You Tube footage of George Hargreaves debating with Nick Griffin, earlier this week on Revelation TV.

BNP on 'Christian' TV tonight

Nick Griffin has just sent out an email to his supporters about a debate he is doing tonight on TV, hosted by Christian television station Revelation TV. In it he says:

The importance of critical reflection

We have been reflecting on some of the questions that have been raised recently about Ekklesia, the way we operate and what we are about. Critical reflection is something we try and do regularly, and we find it a very useful exercise.

Telegraph spun by religious thinktank?

The Daily Telegraph seems to have been spun by the Bible Society's thinktank Theos today, who appear to have rehashed some old survey data as 'new' when is was actually published last month. Alternatively it may just be poor reporting by the Telegraph, but Theos have form on this.

Nadine Dorries, Esther Rantzen, and how to stop the independent vote from splitting

The story on the front page of today’s Daily Telegraph, which suggests that Stephen Rhodes, a BBC local radio personality and friend of Tory MP Nadine Dorries, is to stand as an independent in an apparent bid to split Esther Ranzen’s independent vote in Luton South, highlights a perpetual problem for independents everywhere.

Bishops check if they are allowed to vote in general elections

It seems a little strange if they haven't found out before now, but yesterday the Government confirmed that bishops can vote in general elections.