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Police round-ups continue during Street Child World Cup

I have just had news from Joe Baker, who is in Durban, South Africa, helping to run the Street Child World Cup.

Questions about bishops

Over 50,000 emails were sent in 72 hours to bishops (as part of the Power2010 initiative of which Ekklesia is a part), urging the Lords Spiritual to

World Cup kicks off for street children

The first match of the Deloitte Street Child World Cup is kicking off today in Durban, South Africa, with the host nation playing India.

Cameron opposed 'vulture fund' bill

New evidence has been given to us about David Cameron's true feelings regarding the 'vulture fund' bill.

'Good Friday processions may be refused permission' says retired bishop

The former bishop of Rochester has made the speculative and apparently unsubstantiated claim that “Good Friday processions may be refused permission because they are regarded as a minority interest not worth police time.”

A tale of two mosques

Seeing the report today in the Times about church leaders in Camberley who have joined together to protest against plans for a mosque near the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst, I was reminded of a similar situation which was handled rather differently by a group of Christians in a rather more tense situation in Northern Ireland.

The post-Christendom election

The 2010 general election will see a mixture of two contrasting approaches from the churches to politics. One we might term ‘Christendom’, the other ‘post-Christendom’.

Allow Parliament to debate and scrutinise levels of asylum support

On Sunday a migrant family of three facing deportation died after

George Carey's atheist agenda

An atheist writing today for the Daily Telegraph illustrates well the kind of Christianity that George Carey has been defending of late.

Gay Church blessings and a crisis of faith: fisking Damian Thompson

Damian Thompson has written in today’s Daily Telegraph.