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Time to get real on diversity

In his recent blog on Guardian CIF, Jonathan Chaplain made a very important observation, that workable, mutually respectful compromises need to emerge out of the fog that surrounded the last minute opt-out that Ed Balls inserted into the Children’s Schools and Families Bill, concerning sex education.

After the Accident

If you are interested in restorative justice (and even if you're not but like a good play) have a listen to the Friday Play on BBC Radio 4 tonight at 9.00pm, called ‘After the Accident’.

Power 2010 puts prelates in a political pickle

The Church of England, and in particular its bishops, find themselves in a very interesting position today, with the announcement of the Power2010 pledge.

Why the Prime Minister needs to repent over child migrants

Gordon Brown’s apology in the House of Commons today is likely to be met with debate and comment about the extent to which a political leader can apologise for the wrongdoings of another government. It has certainly done so in the past over such issues as the transatlantic slave trade.

Brown bullying may involve a few. Breach of confidentiality affects thousands

More disturbing than the allegations in today's Observer from Andrew Rawnsley about bullying at Number 10, has been the response from a bullying charity.

Exploding the myths surrounding the 'religious vote'

A very interesting set of poll results are out this morning. The poll was commissioned by our friends at Theos and carried out by ComRes.

Tory migrant poster crosses the line

Like a lot of people, I have been watching the party political Twitter war reach a new stage over the last 48 hours, most notably with the launch of the spoof poster site http://mylabourposter.typepad

A towering investment

Watching Channel 4's Tower Block of Commons on Monday night, I was struck again by how little is invested in our MPs.

Why the Tories (and Labour) have missed the cooperative factor

In August 2007, just as the impact of the sub-prime crisis in the US housing market was starting to be seen, but before the banking crisis, I did a Radio 4 Thought for the Day on the importance of co-operatives, and how they could have provided a better model for dealing with the turmoil.

Do your homework or you'll end up a Tory

I'm still recuperating after my arm operation, so I've been having fun with #ivenevervotedtory hash tag on Twitter (you can join me at