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Faith schools need to show Stonewall's new film

The Guardian reports this morning that many schools are to screen a film about homophobic bullying next month.

Fight supermarket power

Given their substantial shareholdings in Tesco and other supermarkets, the Church Commissioner's probably won't be there.

Bishops and the elite

Update 21st Jan: A few people have been in touch saying they would be interested to know how many bishops in the Lords went to public schools.

The Church's dividend from Cadbury

Some good news for the Church of England (and the Methodist Church) at last it seems with regard to its investments.

Olive Jones and the Christian Legal Centre

Another case of the Christian Legal Centre making things worse it seems, with the misleading claim in a press release that a Christian teacher has been sacked for offering to pray for a sick girl.

It's the story, not the scoop, that counts

It seems we have had a run of scoops on the Ekklesia web site in the last couple of weeks.

Response to UK Border Agency Christmas Card (an alternative card)

Last Friday we drew attention to the UK Border Agency's Christmas Card which was sent to us by an agency that works with asylum seekers and refugees.

Duke Amachree - Who is telling the truth?

The internal appeal at Wandsworth Council of Duke Amachree, the homelessness prevention officer who was sacked after allegations around his behaviour toward a woman with an incurable condition, took place last night.

Genesis, dominion and Copenhagen

It's appropriate with all that's going on at Copenhagen right now that Bruce Clarke at The Economist has just directed my attention to two short visual essays by American film-maker, Steven Ounanian.

Bishop threatens Government minister over hotel sex romp

If anyone wonders what Bishops get up to in the Second Chamber, then they should read the exchange in the House of Lords yesterday during a debate on the use of titles.