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Christmas card from the Prime Minister

Having posted an outrageous Christmas Card from the Home Office, it is only right that we make public the Christmas Card that we received from the Prime Minister.

Forgive the Bishop to the Armed Forces. He knows not what he does

Stephen Venner, Bishop to the Armed Forces, has got himself into a lot of hot water over comments he has made regarding the Taliban.

Merry Christmas from the Home Office

A friend just sent me a copy of this year's UK Border Agency Christmas card.

Conflict, morality and flashing red Santa hats

I am still chuckling about last night's Moral Maze on Radio 4. The programme is a bit of a bear pit.

Putting the class (war) back into Christmas

Although he didn't realise it, Gordon Brown's re-introduction of class into political debate was a thoroughly 'Christmassy' thing to do.

Which one's Nick?

I hear from Citizens for Sancuary that fresh from his outing to Yarl's Wood Detention Centre today where he caused a bit of a stir, St Nick will be h

Telling The Times

Something funny seeing as it's Friday...

Rethinking Trident

Ekklesia has long proposed that Trident replacement should be halted.

Mark Dowd reporting from Copenhagen

Friend of Ekklesia and blogger on our site Mark Dowd will be reporting with a series of short videos from the Copenhagen climate summit.

The Church and the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)

The Church of England has lost a lot of money in Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) over the last two years.