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Methodists compared to C of E investments to fight climate change

The Methodist Church has just announced that it is aiming to reduce the carbon footprint of its investment portfolios with a new investment policy on climate change ahead of Copenhagen Summit.

Williams: Church must break its silence (sometimes)

I was somewhat surprised to read that the Archbishop of Canterbury has spoken out about "the problems that emerge through keeping silent on issues surrounding HIV and and the importance of the Church

Santa gets stuck in and a new Christmas tradition takes hold

I was filled with a warm, fuzzy, Yuletide glow when I heard some news earlier today, which looks as if it will do a little to put the more radical Christ back into Christmas (

Bad Thought: The development of a poor analogy

There’s an analogy that’s been doing the rounds for a few years now with regard to religious broadcasting.

Bishop says Britain 'hosting' ethnic minorities

As if by magic, another Bishop popped up at the weekend talking about immigration in the context of the debate about whether we should refer to Britain as a “Christian country.”

Marginalising the religious from Thought for the Day

I have just had a press release through from Andrew Graystone at the Churches Media Council (CMC) advertising a debate about whether Thought for the Day should be expanded to include Humanists.

Give Ekklesia a good kicking (at Fantasy Football)

We know there are a few people around who like to put the boot into Ekklesia (particularly in the more right wing press and media) but here's a golden opportunity to give Ekklesia's staff a good kicki

Help subvert the voucher system for asylum seekers

Some refugees are still being forced to live on supermarket vouchers instead of cash seven years after the government scrapped the controversial system because it was unfair and unworkable.

Why don't we get angry about climate change?

We got angry at the bankers and the politicians but why don't we get angry about climate change?

Government 'allergic' to debate on faith schools says ex-minister

There was a very interesting comment by ex Government minister James Purnell in an interview in Saturday's Guardian.