Give Ekklesia a good kicking (at Fantasy Football)

By Jonathan Bartley
August 12, 2009

We know there are a few people around who like to put the boot into Ekklesia (particularly in the more right wing press and media) but here's a golden opportunity to give Ekklesia's staff a good kicking.

If you have never played Fantasy Football before, its great fun, and not just for die-hard football fans. It's also simple and easy to do.

Ekklesia has set up an Ekklesia Superleague on the Premier League's Fantasy Football website. All are welcome to enter, and join Ekklesia's staff and friends.

Simply visit the Premier League website here:, select your players, and then join Ekklesia's league by entering the code: 38867-31497

But make sure you do it by Saturday morning!

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