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Monday 12 April 'ethics election' agenda and comment

Monday 12 April 'ethics election' agenda and comment

7.30am Lib Dem press conference.

8.10am Ed Miliband on Today Programme.

8.45am David Cameron at campaign event in marginal constituency of Reading West.

10.40am SNP launches manifesto.

11.30am Launch of Labour manifesto in Birmingham with Cabinet.

Scottish Labour launch manifesto.

Gordon Brown visits 'green' factory in Rugby

Jon Snow interviewing Gordon Brown on Channel 4

Shadow Skills Minister John Hayes unveiling Tory apprenticeship scheme at debate in Birmingham.

Tory Party chairman Eric Pickles in marginal constituency of Crawley where Labour has majority of 37.

Taxpayers' Alliance in Parliament Square with large 'UK Debt Clock'

Press Roundup Monday 12 April 2010

Press Roundup Monday 12 April 2010

A selection of stories from today's press and other media that relate to Ekklesia's work, produced daily by James Vincent and covering papers such as The Times, Daily Telegraph, Independent, Guardian, and the tabloids.

Ethics election poll watch: 'Other' vote still not being 'squeezed' according to YouGov

Ethics election poll watch: 'Other' vote still not being 'squeezed' according to YouGov

According to today’s YouGov tracker poll in The Sun (which seems to be the only poll out this morning) the Lib Dem and ‘Other’ vote still seems to be holding up well. Lib Dems are on 20 (+2) and Others on 12. Whilst a number in any given poll can easily be out by two points or so, it does suggest that the smaller parties are not getting squeezed in the election campaign so far.

Ethics election poll watch: More voters want hung parliament than Lab or Con Government

Ethics election poll watch: More voters want hung parliament than Lab or Con Government

Significantly more voters want a hung parliament (46 per cent) than a Labour (25 per cent) or Conservative (29 per cent) Government.

Ethics election poll watch: Norwich South

Ethics election poll watch: Norwich South

There is a new poll from IPSOS/MORI out, commissioned by the University of East Anglia, for Charles Clark’s Norwich South Constituency, where the Greens are hoping to make inroads.

The results have Greens making gains of 12 pts on the 2005 notional general election result. Labour 39 pts(+2), Conservative 20 pts(-2), Liberal Democrats 19 pts(-11), Green 19 pts(+12).

Saturday's 'ethics election' agenda and comment

Saturday's 'ethics election' agenda and comment

Labour's daily press conference featuring Liam Byrne, Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper with a focus on Tory marriage tax breaks

Vince Cable on BBC Radio 4's Today programme

David Cameron visits Kingston Hospital in Surrey. (Lib Dem-held Richmond Park, and Kingston and Surbiton, both key target seats for the Tories).

Gordon Brown is in his constituency of Kirkcaldy before heading to Cowdenbeath to take part in a pensioners' forum

Grand National

Thursday's 'ethics election' agenda and comment

Thursday's 'ethics election' agenda and comment

7.00am David Cameron on GMTV

8.10am Gordon Brown on Radio 4 Today Programme

9.15am Nick Clegg launches Lib Dem general election campaigns for Scotland, the South of England and the South West.

9.30am Labour's morning press conference with Mandelson and Darling.

Brown expected to speak on family and the economy

9.45am Plaid Cymru leader Ieuan Wyn Jones launches Westminster election campaign

10.00am Caroline Lucas, leader of Green Party, and bookies favourite to become the MP for Brighton Pavilion constituency, will talk at rally on Brighton Pier, about cost of Trident replacement

10.30am David Cameron due to give own press conference

David Cameron expected to go to East Anglia and South West of England.

Shadow Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude and shadow Wales secretary Cheryl Gillan visit North Wales.

Lib Dem Home Office spokesperson Chris Huhne attends launch of party campaign and regional manifesto for the South of England

Former Lib Dem leader Charles Kennedy and Scottish Lib Dem Leader Tavish Scott join Nick Clegg to launch party campaign in Scotland.

Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage campaigns in Buckingham

‘Wash-up’ in Parliament continues of remaining bills, including 'Vulture Fund' bill in House of Lords.

Ethics election poll watch: Lib Dems and ‘Others’ gaining

Ethics election poll watch: Lib Dems and ‘Others’ gaining

The three opinion polls published today show the Lib Dems and ‘others’ mainly gaining, indicating that voters are not immediately moving to the two main parties. The 'smaller' vote is not just holding up, but increasing as the campaign gets underway. The one exception is the Populus poll for the Times which has Lib Dems gaining, but 'others' losing ground.

Wednesday's 'ethics election' agenda and comment

Wednesday's 'ethics election' agenda and comment

7.30am The Health Secretary, Andy Burnham, sets out Labour's vision for the NHS at a King's Fund breakfast event. It comes as The Fund questiones the funding source for a Conservative pledge to spend £200m on cancer drugs ruled out by NICE.

7.30am Nick Clegg hosts daily press conference at the Work Foundation.

12.00 Last Prime Minister's Questions before the general election

5.00pm "People's PMQs" Voters put questions to Gordon Brown by email and Twitter.

John Prescott launches Labour battle bus tour of 50 key marginal seats.

David Cameron visits Wales and the North West to campaign against Labour's 'jobs tax'.

Nick Clegg launches the Lib Dem manifesto for the North West in Liverpool as part of "northern offence, southern defence" strategy.

Simon Hughes launches Lib Dem campaign vehicles

The SNP deputy leader and deputy first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, meets workers and sees the site of new council homes in Kilmarnock.

The Plaid Cymru leader, Ieuan Wyn Jones, embarks on a tour of constituencies in the west of Wales.

In Parliament, the 'wash-up' continues, with consideration in the House of Commons of the Vulture Fund Bill

Tuesday's 'ethics election' agenda and comment

Tuesday's 'ethics election' agenda and comment

8.30am - Nick Clegg to address Lib Dem supporters/ party workers. Expected to say this is the "beginning of the end for Gordon Brown", claiming Brown is "directly and personally responsible for the biggest mistakes of the last 13 years". Expected to highlight the banking crash and recession, the "illegal invasion of Iraq", the "corruption and rottenness in our politics" and claim Britain has become more unequal and unfair under Labour.

9.00am - Last Cabinet meeting

10am - Gordon Brown departs for an audience with the Queen

10.30am - David Cameron to address Tory supporters. Theme is expected to be: "We're fighting this election for the Great Ignored - young, old, rich, poor, black, white, gay, straight.

"They start businesses, operate factories, teach our children, clean the streets, grow our food and keep us healthy - keep us safe. They work hard, pay their taxes, obey the law".

11am - Gordon Brown to formally announce date of election at Downing Street. He is expected to dub the election "the big choice". Expected to outline "three big challenges" facing the country: (i) Securing the recovery, (ii) protecting front line services whilst halving the deficit, and (iii) renewing politics.