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Amidst a pandemic, people first or market forces?

The spread of COVID-19 has highlighted the value of human solidarity and society-wide and global action, rather than relying on ‘market forces’.

Defending India’s highest ideals, trying to prevent tragedy

On 18 December, I joined hundreds outside the Indian High Commission in London,

Surrendering to far-right fanaticism in India and UK

In India, the Supreme Court has rewarded far right violence in an attempt to keep

Fears that Sri Lanka mass violence will return as hardliner seeks presidency

In many countries, the run-up to elections can be tense.

Doctor’s dismissal for being anti-LGBT upheld but response to actor questionable

An employment tribunal dismissed an appeal by a doctor, David Makereth, against being sacked for being unwilling to treat transgender clients with res

Brexit, threats and divisions

There have been extraordinary scenes in Parliament and beyond after the Supreme Court ruled against the government.

Marriage: a leap for Methodists, a shuffle for the Church of England

The British Methodist church has taken a leap forward towards

Stuck in earlier modern thinking on gender, the Vatican fails young people

The Vatican has attacked ‘gender theory’ in a widely-criticised

Sacking Sandwell lecturer damages equality and free speech

A black lecturer in the West Midlands was sacked after writing 'racist' on a poster about the controversial counter-extremism programme

Disturbing evidence on Sri Lanka Easter bombers’ connections

The Sri Lankan authorities face tough questions after alarming allegations about terrorists linked with the Easter Day bombi