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Terror threatens all Sri Lankan communities after Easter explosions

People of all communities queued to donate blood after horrific terror attack

Tackling far right violence after the New Zealand massacre

Forty-nine people were killed  on 15 March 2019 after shootings at t

Death, failure, oppression and hope in Lent

Mortality, weakness, poverty and oppression – the Ash Wednesday service throws light on what is wrong in the world and ourselves.

Damaged democracy and Brexit

As concern grows about the harm which Brexit may cause, some people still insist that it should not be reconsidered because it reflects the 'will of the people'.

Welcoming transgender Christians and valuing discipleship: letter to Bishops misses the point

Over 2000 people have

The NHS Long Term Plan: first do no harm

“As well as addressing today’s challenges, the NHS Long Term Plan sets the NHS up to seize the opportunities of the future”, claimed Matt Hancock, the health and social care secretary.

Violent fundamentalism in Pakistan and the USA

Hardliners are protesting in Pakistan after the conviction for blasphemy of a Christian farm labourer, Asia Bibi, was overturned .

US threat to transgender, intersex, women’s and gay rights

The US government is seeking to roll back the rights of transgender and intersex people, women’s rights and those of lesbian, gay and bisexual people.

Ashers ‘gay cake’ win is no loss for LGBT rights

The Supreme Court has decided that Ashers Bakery in Northern Ireland did not discriminate by refusing to make a cake iced with the slogan ‘Support Gay

Johnson, Bannon, burqas and a struggling UK state

A leading UK politician’s refusal to apologise for stoking anti-Muslim prejudice has made the headlines.