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Will the budget succeed in derailing the UK economy?

The Summer Budget produced by the UK chancellor George Osborne will, predictably, continue to widen the gap between the rich and the rest of the population.

Social housing crackdown could cost taxpayers billions

Hundreds of thousands of council and housing association tenants in England could face rocketing rents or eviction unless they buy their homes.

Earth entering sixth ‘mass extinction’ phase, scientists warn

The earth is entering its sixth mass extinction event, biologists from several universities have warned.

Magna Carta: overcoming idolatry towards the state

The 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta in June 2015 is being widely celebrated. King John’s signing of this document symbolised the end of an age when rulers had absolute power.

Scottish Episcopal Church moves towards marrying same-sex couples

The Scottish Episcopal Church has taken a major step towards letting same-sex couples marry in church. However the process of change will take at least two years.

Evangelist Tony Campolo welcomes same-sex partnerships

Tony Campolo, an influential Christian speaker and writer, no longer regards same-sex partnerships as wrong.

Nursery worker wrongly sacked after answering lesbian colleague’s question

A London nursery unlawfully discriminated by dismissing a worker after a chat with a colleague ended in hurt feelings, an employment tribunal found.

Muslims, Christians, questionnaires and counter-extremism

A law to “promote social cohesion and protect people by tackling extremism” was one of the measures in the Queen’s Speech.

Ashers bakery ruling sows confusion about discrimination

A Northern Ireland court found Ashers Baking Company guilty of discrimination after it refused to bake a cake calling for same-sex couples to be allowed to marry.

Rightward shift could further damage Labour

After the Labour Party’s disappointing results in the UK General Election, some senior figures are urging it to move still further to the right.