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Calling people cockroaches: limits of acceptable speech

A recent BBC documentary powerfully depicted the plight of Christians in the Middle East, amidst threats by Isis and other forces.

Breakaway Anglicans’ ‘narrow way’

A breakaway international Anglican grouping intends to keep spreading its views across the world, including holding a conference in 2018.

Extending ‘right to buy’ would worsen housing crisis

There has been widespread criticism of a Conservative Party manifesto pledge to extend the ‘right to buy’ to housing association tenants.

Inheritance tax change not as generous as it sounds

The inheritance tax threshold will be raised if the Conservatives win the election, David Cameron, the UK Prime Minister pledged.

Sexuality and difference explored at Open Church conference

Views have changed throughout Christian history and differences can be found in the Bible, said Steve Chalke, a Baptist minister and founder of Oasis.

Benefit ‘reforms’ damage work prospects and independence, research finds

Benefit ‘reforms’ which are supposed to get more people into paid work have often made life harder for those in, or seeking, jobs, research reveals.

Planned new benefit cuts stoke social insecurity

Many carers, disabled and unemployed people are likely to have their benefits slashed if the Conservatives return to power, leaked plans suggest.

Privatising NHS cancer and palliative care at patients’ expense

Controversy over the biggest NHS privatisation deal so far has intensified after details were leaked.

Gagging civil servants and charities, suppressing inconvenient truths

New rules aimed at preventing civil servants from speaking to the media without ministers’ approval have been strongly criticised. They follow a drive to gag charities receiving public funding.

Disadvantaged worst hit if obesity, drug or alcohol problems are punished

People unable to work because of obesity, drug or alcohol problems may have their social security payments cut if they do not undergo treatment, UK prime minister David Cameron has threatened. He has asked Professor Dame Carol Black, an adviser to the Department of Health, to carry out a review.