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United Reformed Church offers freedom to marry same-sex couples

The United Reformed Church will let local churches host marriages of same-sex couples, if congregations so choose .

Methodists welcome LGBT people and review understanding of marriage

The Methodist Church in Britain will revisit how marriage is defined and understood (http://www.ekklesia.c

UN report, human rights and healing the UK

A United Nations report has revealed widespread human rights violations in the UK.

Brexit, class, ethnic diversity and fear of the ‘other’

The UK has voted to leave the European Union. Brexit campaigners won 52 per cent of the votes in a referendum, against 48 per cent for Remain.

Orlando, hate-stirring and compromise

Fifty people were killed in a shooting in a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) nightclub in Orlando, Florida yesterday (12 June 2016).

Church of Scotland says yes to same-sex married ministers

The Church of Scotland’s General Assembly has agreed that ministers and deacons can marry members of the same gender.

Mistreating disabled claimants and child abuse: opening minds and hearts

Television can increase understanding of other people’s experiences or indeed one’s own, even if such knowledge may be uncomfortable.

Pope encourages pastoral approach to love and marriage

Pope Francis’ new document on love, marriage and the family involves no change in core doctrine, to the dismay of many.

Autocratic Anglican archbishops face challenge

Tension has mounted in the run-up to an international Anglican Consultative Council meeting in April 2016.

Serious church failings in abuse case show need for change

A review of how the Church of England handled allegations of sexual abuse by senior clergy has revealed serious failings.