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Constant insecurity for council tenants will be costly

The UK government plans to scrap lifetime tenancies for new council tenants.

Misleading anti-Muslim Sun headline smears Daesh/ISIL opponents

A Sun campaign stirring up fear and hatred of British Muslims has twisted survey results to cause alarm.

The WCA's devastating effect on public health

A controversial ‘fitness for work’ test has almost certainly had a devastating impact on public health in England, new research suggests.

Tackling terror: a human rights approach

There have been various reactions in London to the horrific attacks in Paris on 13 November, including sorrow, anger and prayer.

Narendra Modi’s London visit: spectacle and reality

A wedding, a tribunal and two contrasting cultures

Jeremy Pemberton, a hospital chaplain, has lost an employment tribunal case against the Church of England.

Indians divided as Dadri murder shows hatred’s corrupting power

The brutal murder of a Muslim in Dadri, Uttar Pradesh, has exposed deep national divisions, including among Hindus.

Anger and admiration as India’s far-right leader Modi visits USA

Admirers and protesters have mobilised as India’s far-right Prime Minister Narendra Modi visits the USA.

Canadian Anglicans make theological case for marrying same-sex couples

There is a strong theological case for the marriage of same-sex couples, according to a new report.

Rallying for refugees and the workings of the Spirit

On Saturday 12 September, right across Europe, many thousands gathered and marched to welcome refugees and urge their governments to offer more support.