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Changing world... changing outlook

Change is about structures, policies and politics, for sure. As a thinktank looking specifically at how belief and values can impact the arena of hard choices, we are the first to recognise that.

Just Festival... Not quite finished

Those of us who live permanently in Edinburgh will be looking forward to getting our city back in the near future... though the friendly festival invasion undoubtedly brings life, colour, enjoyment, variety and friendship to the streets - and we very much hope that spirit is here to stay, both in the Athens of the North (as we like to style ourselves) and in the hearts and lives of all who have taken part.

Can we create a 'good society'?

Today, there is a discussion about what constitutes a 'good society' taking place at St John's Church Edinburgh (Tuesday 20th August, 6-7.30pm, £5) as part of Just Festival.

Learning to share sacred space across the divides

Religious buildings can be, and usually are, regarded in a very 'tribal' and territorial way. Yet at its heart, the religious impulse (if it is to be saved from the destruction its distortion can so easily produce) is about discovering the universality of the divine in the midst of our particularities.

Can Scotland develop a positive approach to migration?

Today (Saturday 17 August) two events of great significance for the future of Scotland as a welcoming society coincide, both in Edinburgh.

Thinking more deeply about faith today

Fifteen years ago, 'faith' was seen as a virtually spent subject in the public realm, certainly in the view of its many 'cultured despisers'.

Calling the internship system to account

The number of unpaid interns utilised as entry-level staff—minus the pay—has been on the rise in recent years, and media coverage of these unethical and legally questionable arrangements has been growing exponentially, says the Intern Justice (IJ) ( organisation in the USA.

How we are addressed in silence (revisited)

Before any words we might speak, there is the silence with which we are addressed by God, says liberation theologian Gustavo Gutierrez.

Putting peace in the picture

Journalism has acquired a dubious reputation in recent years, not least as a result of the misbehaviour of large media corporations.

Distinguishing and relating religion and state in Scotland today

Scotland's faith communities have helped shape the Scotland we know today, many would contend.