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Supporting the people of Burma

Inspired by the initiative of Buddhist monks, the people of Burma are embarked on a difficult and perilous attempt at a nonviolent revolution against years of dictatorship.

Gordon Brown and religious rhetoric

One of the more intriguing aspects of Gordon Brown's first Labour party conference speech as serving prime minister was his decision to use consciously biblical language

The daily news bulletin is back

After a summer haitus, the Ekklesia daily news bulletin is back. It gathers together a selection of news briefing stories and features from the site.

Making sense of moral muddle

In due course, I intend to offer a more theologically grounded and ekklesially shaped response to the BBC's new opinion poll on the state of Britain's sense of morality. Meanwhile, here is my Guardian article.

The slow dawn of reason?

Both Richard Dawkins and Polly Toynbee, who spend a good deal of time fulminating against caricatures of 'religion' were on the BBC today. And guess what, they abandoned vituperation for once.

Morality means working together, not seeking superiority

Asking the big questions

The BBC is launching a new belief and ethics TV programme - and Ekklesia is on board from the outset.

Is Brown shifting the ground?

In headline terms Gordon Brown is continuing the Blair legacy - but there are signs of small but significant shifts in some areas.

Computer software fingers Akinola's letter

Further to out story about accusations that the Nigerian Anglican Primate is being used by Western conservatives, the Church Times newspaper has a report by correspondent Pat Ashworth headed

Close the pay gap, survey says

People in Britain think that Premiership footballers should be paid a lot less, and that those in service jobs at the bottom of the pay scale should get a good deal more, says a new survey for the Fabian Society.