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End of our book experiment

Ekklesia has decided to end its experimental affiliate programme with Amazon. The deal allowed the company to trawl our pages and insert book links.

Pilgrimage on wheels

An academic body committed to interreligious understanding has hit upon a creative way to change hearts and minds by employing pedal power.

Helping to save Iraqi lives

Irrespective of what we think of the presence of British troops in Iraq, the plight of those who have worked as translators and assistants is a matter of serious concern.

Ekklesia daily email bulletin update

Our daily bulletin is still in hibernation until September 2007, but our news and features are being updated regularly.

Support for South Asia flood victims

India, Bangladesh and Nepal are in need of urgent aid and development support, following the latest disaster.

Preparing to make peace possible

The international Day of Prayer for Peace on 21 September is part of a growing movement in opposition to religiously-sanctioned violence.

Or any kind of officially-sanctioned violence, really.

Religion in the blogosphere

Religion remains a hot topic in the blogopshere, with new contributors stepping into the arena all the time.

Making a noise for climate change

This weekend you have an opportunity to listen to some fabulous music a make a difference to climate change and its impact on global poverty.

Crusades? No problem...

Perhaps unsurprisingly, a Daily Telegraph writer is less than impressed with the notion that there could be a Christian problem with religious violence per se, not just Muslim versions of it.

Think Deeply. But tread lightly.

Killing the Buddha is a religion magazine for people made anxious by churches...