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Great Satan eyes up Axis of Evil

The news that the US is tentatively exploring contacts with Iran, despite President Bush's rhetoric, is surely a sign of hope in a conflict-ridden region.

Turning up for the debate on church schools

Talking of grumping about exclusion - the Church of England Board of Education and the Catholic Education Service apparently think they weren't given a fair chance to air their views at the recent ATL conference meeting on faith schools.

Religion, life and rockin' the Beeb

We got a gentle chiding from the Church of England media office over our comments about the accusations that religion is being excluded from BBC Radio 1

Proper debate needed on faith schools

Remember Alan Johnston...

Alan Johnston banner

Safe and sound?

On the issue of the US involvement in Iraq, here's a very sobering statistic...

Concerns about Scottish Christian Party

Following our report on the activities and ethos of the Scottish Christian Party and its analogue in Wales (, we have received several communications from concerned voters.

A nice email from the BNP

For an electoral outfit trying to convince the public it is modern and mainstream, the British National Party has great difficulty in not letting its mask slip.

Slotting in religion

In the debate about Thought for the Day, there's a difference between creating space for spirituality ('spirited takes' on life, you might say) and stranded or sealed "religious broadcasting".

Family, politics, violence and God

There, I knew that headline was sure to grab somebody's attention. There are four new comment articles up right now...