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No room for church complacency on sex abuse

God in the club scene?

John Ruffle was rather, er, ruffled that his comment on our news story about the C of E and the BBC got removed.

Podcast on Lambeth and sexuality

A podcast of a lecture by leading theologian Marilyn McCord Adams has been made available - looking at the conflict within global Anglicanism.

BBC debate on England's day

The BBC website has featured Ekklesia's call that "the English should celebrate their role as global citizens and not as 'narrow nationalists' on the patron saint's day."

C of E lightens up

The properly serious matter of climate change notwithstanding, the Church of England has gone for wry enlightenment with its latest press release.

St George the martyr

Ekklesia's 'rebranding' suggestion for St George may be controversial with some (though we have received warm comments as well as the expected abuse), but the Catholic church has already done it in a way.

Mixed messages in France

Early impressions of the result in the first round of the French general election suggest a mixed message about the nti-migrant right in Europe.

Tracking the far right

The progressive Asian blog Pickled Politics will be "running a regular series of information posts and articles on the BNP and their tactics in advance of the upcoming Local Elections in May", says founder Sunny Hundal.

The position of the non-religious in Britain

The religion of nastiness

The Archbishop of Canterbury suggests a patient Christian dialogue with scripture and each other. But Jeffrey John's critics lambasted his views on the Cross before they had even read them.