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Hate letters to the Dean of St Albans

Being civil in cyberspace

Some say that without religion everything would be nice and rational. Hmmnnn...

Peacemaking delegations

In addition to long-term work involving a substantial investment of time, training and commitment, Christian Peacemaker Teams sends short-term (7-14 day) delegations into crisis settings around the world.

The politics of grace?

Jonathan Bartley's BBC Radio 4 Thought for the Day this morning looked at how 'acts of grace' take on a political role - specifically in relation to the Iran captives saga.

Christ is not a badge of superiority

Richard Harries, former Bishop of Oxford, has a fine and moving article in The Observer today - ostensibly about the dilemmas faced by Rowan Williams, but effectively reminding all Christians about something inherent in their vocation.

More on the 'penal substitution' row

Here's the story that didn't quite make it into The Guardian last Thursday.

Watch for surprises

The Easter story resonates with alarming radicalism, says a scholar-bishop.

Reflections on Easter meaning

The contested message of Easter continues to challenge both the religious and the secular imagination.

Forgiveness is divine, recrimination less so

The Guardian's religious affairs correspondent has weighed into the heated debate about Jeffrey John's comments on the atonement.

Reflecting on Archer and Iscariot

A 'historical fiction' about Jesus' betrayer continues to climb the sales charts and to provoke diverse reactions.