Simon Barrow's blog

Video of Washington peace service

Jim Wallis' blog and Sojo.Net have linked to the webcast of the weekend peace service for Iraq in Washington DC.

Selective biblical morality

In the rush to condemn homosexuality, a certain pattern of shellfishness may be being overlooked. That's what it says here.

Religion wars...

Both the rhetorical argument going on here, and the divine comedy of White House faith in the age of Iraq.

Judas makes another comeback

The story about how Judas has been misrepresented in the Gospels and was mainly trying to rescue Jesus from false notions of messiahood has surfaced again - via a Jeffrey Archer novel.

The price of peace

A reminder from the late Thomas Merton, on the fourth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq.

The quiet majority?

It would be interesting to know what questions were asked in the recent BBC survey which indicated that up to 33 per cent of Christians feel discriminated against.

Grounds for discrimination?

A lively debate on whether Christians are treated unfairly in the public sphere was marred by some factual confusions.

UK Christians urged to be positive not negative about loss of status

Screen and airwaves

Ekklesia will be on national television and radio over the next few days.

Good news... the beeb goes nuclear

Blair's bad hair day trumps Cameron's parting of the waves. Official.