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Time to end discrimination by faith schools

A larger vision of 'family'

Many commentators, both religious and secular, assume that a narrow definition of family is readily mandated by the biblical texts. They're wrong.

A crie de coeur (and top lip)

Freelance theologian Theo Hobson has made a passionate call for disestablishment. He should get rid of that moustache, though.

Acting in mysterious ways

The Archbishop of York voted against democracy last night, after being slightly delayed by a royal banquet.

Too much talk, too little meaning

Never before has the opportunity for discourse, and the challenge to its essential truthfulness, been greater.

Scotland's Christian political landscape

There's a good article on Christian political influence (and lack of it) in Scotland today, in the Herald newspaper.

Church leaders' visit to Iran

We've been slow in providing feedback on the trip to Tehran by 13 US Christian leaders, coordinated by Mennonites and Quakers.

Flinging Jesus at David Cameron

A Scottish Christian group has contrived a novel way of asking whether the new Tory leader is for real.

Cherie tells Tony (and us) about restorative justice

Cherie Booth QC is to talk on restorative justice in the Gospels this Lent.

Order Norman Kember's new book

You can get the former Iraq hostage's book via Ekklesia, with proceeds going to peace and justice causes.