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Offended by the Lord's Prayer? You should be!

There has been a minor media storm over the decision of certain cinema chains to withdraw a Church of England advertisement featuring the Lord’s Prayer.

The Upside-Down Bible: Labourers in the vineyard and zero-hour contracts

My new book, The Upside-Down Bible: What Jesus really said about money, sex and violence, will be p

Being a pacifist on 11 November

In the last few weeks, I have been accused of cowardice, ingratitude, stupidity, disloyalty, insulting veterans, despising Britain, encoura

Remembrance Day: Why should former soldiers have to rely on charity?

I recently blogged about how the Royal British Legion – who produce the red poppy – insist that Remembrance Day should honour only the British military dead.

Who is the red poppy designed to remember? The answer might surprise you

Many people in the UK wear a red poppy at this time of year out of a laudable desire to honour and remember the victims of war.

The mistake of Corbyn's opponents

What is the job of a Leader of the Opposition?

My new book: The Upside-Down Bible

I am delighted to report that my third book is now available to order. It will be published in November.

The reason for the silence

It's a while since I last blogged.

Church House: Still hosting conferences sponsored by arms companies

Pope Francis last week attacked the “duplicity” of those who profit from the arms trade but “call themselves Christian”.

Don't keep calm. Don't carry on.

As I write, it is unclear whether the Conservatives will have an overall majority. If not, I suspect they will try to rule as a minority government, although they may try some sort of deal.