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Pilgrimage Day 2: Forgiveness in Coventry

I am currently walking from Birmingham to London as a pilgrimage of repentance for homophobia. This post appeared originally on the website for my pilgrimage on Friday 17 June. See

Pilgrimage Day 1: Roadsigns and radios

If I said that I’d been on an emotional rollercoaster, I might sound like a contestant on the X Factor. However, I’ve been through an extremely wide range of emotion since yesterday evening, when I launched my pilgrimage of repentance for homophobia. This morning, I began the first leg of my walk from Birmingham to London.

My walk of repentance starts this week

For some time, I’ve been getting in training for my walk of repentance for homophobia, which begins this week.

I will never own a house. And I am not doomed.

The media this morning (31 May) are very excited about a survey showing that nearly two-thirds of people aged 20 to 45 in the UK expect never to own their own home. Most of the coverage did not even mention that the survey also revealed that nearly a quarter don’t want to.

Pilgrimage plans published

It is now less than four weeks before I begin walking from Birmingham to London as a pilgrimage of repentance for my former homophobia. I'm delighted with the support and encouragement I've received and I'm very pleased to report that details of events during the walk have now been published.

Privatising higher education

Earlier this week, the universities minister David Willetts rushed to deny suggestions that the government would allow elite universities to sell off super-expensive extra places to wealthy students. But the furore led to another proposal receiving very little attention - the suggestion that private companies and charities should be allowed to fund their own university places.

Taking the No campaign to its logical conclusion

The main arguments used by the 'No to AV' campaign are, if taken to their logical conclusion, arguments against democracy. Every one of their leading arguments could be used an argument against holding elections at all.

Kate and William are our equals

BBC Radio 4, so often a voice of intelligence and relative impartiality, began the news this morning (29 April) with the extreme bias and simpering tones they reserve for reports on the Windsor family. It was announced that Kate Middleton would be "transformed" from a "commoner" into "Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge".

Bad arguments against voting Yes: Misleading maps

If you’ve received a leaflet from the ‘No to AV’ campaign, you may have noticed a map showing that only three countries use the Alternative Vote system. But there are lots of things the map does not show.

Thinly veiled prejudice

The first steps in a legal challenge to the French ban on face coverings have already been taken. Twelve Muslim women were arrested outside Notre Dame Cathedral on Monday, apparently for an unauthorised protest rather than for wearing the niqab - ten of the twelve were not wearing it.