Fairtrade and conflict-free diamonds - ethical jewellery gift ideas from ekklesia

By staff writers
August 2, 2006
Guard at an illegal diamond mine in Angola

You can buy fairtrade and conflict free jewellery online by clicking here for jewellery.tv

If you are looking to give a diamond or special Jewellery for Christmas, valentines day or a birthday, it can be extremely hard to find fairtrade or "conflict-free" diamonds.

Most Jewellers carry diamonds are already certified by four Cs for carat, colour, clarity and cut, giving an overall measure of quality.

It is still however very rare to find Jewellers who specify the fifth C - "conflict-free".

Getting a conflict-free diamond however guarantees that a stone is not a "blood" diamond, funding war or one that has been mined using child labour. However, remarkably few Jewellers can offer such a guarantee.

In October 2004 Amnesty International members and Global Witness visited over 330 UK high-street shops and questioned staff about their policy on conflict diamonds. Their survey revealed that UK diamond retailers were failing to provide consumers with assurances that the diamonds they sold were not 'conflict diamonds' - those mined in countries like the Congo and Sierra Leone, where profits were used to arm militias that have killed, raped and mutilated millions of people.

There is however the odd exception which mean that the diamonds you buy do not need to be tarnished by the possibility of a dark history. Online diamond jeweller Jewellery.tv for example is one shop that doesn't just give an assurance but actively publicises the fact that all the diamonds used in its diamond jewellery are "conflict-free".

They prove that choosing fairtrade or conflict-free diamonds needn't mean narrowing down your choice. They have hundereds of items of confict free diamond jewellery in stock including diamond engagement rings, eternity rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets and watches.

They also show that it doesn't have to be a more expensive option either. Jewellery.tv offers prices up to 30% less than the high street, when people buy through their web site.

Visit the conflict-free diamond jeweller Jewellery.tv here

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