Switch to a green gas or electricity supplier

By staff writers
February 14, 2007
Green energy?

It's never been easier to change to a green energy supplier.

Changing to renewable energy provides a cleaner, sustainable alternative to the burning of fossil fuels, producing significantly less carbon dioxide than traditional methods. Renewable energy has the potential to supply 100% of the UK's power but currently only provides 2.8%

If you switch to a supplier that provides renewable electricity, the energy will probably come from wind power or hydroelectric power. However, there are many forms of renewable energy, generated in differing ways such as wind farms, hydroelectricity, solar power, wave and tidal energy. There is also huge untapped potential in biomass, landfill gas energy, and combined heat and power (chp).

The more people change to a green supplier for their gas and electricity, the more we will use, and the cheaper it will become.

Uswitch has a facility which enables you to find a green energy supplier near you. But also compare green energy prices before switching.

The market for renewable energy is growing all the time. Established suppliers including London Energy and Powergen have introduced green tariffs, and new companies such as Ecotricity and Good Energy have been set up specifically to help combat climate change.

If you switch to a renewable energy tariff, the electricity you receive will arrive through the same cables and wires, but for every unit of electricity you use your supplier will plough an equal amount of green energy into the National Grid.

The suppliers available in your area are listed alphabetically on the uSwitch website including:

Ecotricity was the world's first green electricity supplier, and recently launched domestic tariffs on an incremental rise basis. As a consumer you would receive renewable energy as 10% of your supply each year, rising to 30% after three years - for the same cost as your local supplier. Uniquely, the company also gives credit to customers who install wind or solar systems in their homes.

Good Energy was established in 1999 and now supplies 5000 customers with renewable energy, generated by wind and hydroelectric power. The company is owned by Monkton Group PLC.

Npower's partnership with Greenpeace has resulted in Juice, which doesn't charge a premium and won't cost any more than your local supplier. The company provides you with an environmentally friendly service from an established market leader.

Green Energy UK ensures that buying renewable energy needn't cost extra, with the Green Energy 10 tariff (where 10% of your supply is from renewable sources) set at the same level as your Regional Electricity Company. The company re-invests half of its profits into renewable energy, ensuring its sources of supply and further helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

You can switch to clean, safe, renewable energy by using uSwitch's calculator. Just type in your details to find the green plans available in your area, listed alphabetically.

Find out how to switch to a green energy supplier for your gas and electricity here

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