Teachers' gifts proving a big hit

By staff writers
December 12, 2008
Gifts for teachers through Save the Children

People looking for gifts for teachers have been finding them through charities such as Oxfam, World Vision, Save the Children, UNICEF and Christian Aid.

It comes after a survey revealed that teachers prefer ethical gifts.

In previous years, people have given goats, chickens and camels to the developing world, on someone else's behalf, for that extra special gift.

But the charities that produce them, now also have a huge range of gifts which are perfect for teachers and others involved in education.

You can now build a school, provide school textbooks, a school uniform, a meal for 70 children or even a school toilet - all given as a gift on behalf of your teacher.

It can all be done quickly and easily online. You just visit the website of the particular charity, select the gift for your teacher, and a card is sent to them with your personal message (and a certificate through Save the Children) telling them what has been given. The gift is then despatched on your teacher's behalf to the developing world.

Gifts for teachers this year include:

World Vision Must Have Gifts

School textbook (£6) a football (£11) meal for 70 children (£12) 4 day trips for a child (£12) lessons for 5 children (£20) a school uniform (£20) school dinners for three children (£28) peace scholarship for a child (£28) a school loo (£34)

Christian Aid Present Aid gifts

School uniform (£20) School Shoes (£13) basketball (£8) Brushes and Paint (£20) Dance classes

Save the Children Wish List

Set of school textbooks (£12) A school desk (£14) A trip for a child in the UK (£15) School uniform (inc shoes) (£18) Footballs and netballs (£19) A place for a child in a school (£21) One month's teacher training (£22) Bicycle (£39 Equipment for a school (£53) A year's teacher training (£270) A classroom (£625)

UNICEF inspired gifts

Pencils for a School (£9) Five footballs (£16) 100 Exercise Books (£21.00) Sport in a box (£140) School in a box (£160)

So if you are looking for that extra special gift for your teacher this Christmas then visit the following (click to go to the site)

World Vision gifts for teachers

Christian Aid's gifts for teachers

Save the children's gifts for teachers

UNICEF's gifts for teachers

Oxfam Unwrapped Teacher's gifts

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