Press Roundup Friday 25 June 2010

By Press Office
June 25, 2010

A selection of stories from today's press and other media that relate to Ekklesia's work, produced daily by James Vincent and covering papers such as The Times, Daily Telegraph, Independent, Guardian, and the tabloids.

Community & Family

Retirement: outrage over 'work till 70'
A move to extend the retirement age that will see people working into their seventies was under fierce attack last night.

Marriage: how living in sin costs us billions as marriage goes out of fashion
Marriage is under threat as more people decide to live together instead.

Comment: Houses to build upon
Constructing new homes would both address stark inequality and be the best hope for jobs and growth.

Comment: Why should I again prove my disability to satisfy George Osborne?
The disability living allowance treats us as ordinary people with some extra needs. Spare me talk of a focus on 'genuine' cases.

Religion & Society

Bid to block Pope testimony move
The Vatican is asking a US federal judge to reject an attempt to question Pope Benedict XVI under oath in a Kentucky sex abuse lawsuit.

Police raid home of Belgian archbishop in sex abuse probe
Police investigating child sex abuse allegations yesterday raided the home of the former head of Belgium’s Roman Catholics.

Comment: These compromised bishops will not fly
A conservative evangelical condemns the Archbishops' measures to make room for opponents of women priests.

Ecology & Environment

How 'zero-grazing' is set to bring US-style factory farming to Britain
A battle is under way in the British countryside to fight off plans for massive factory farms that would house thousands of animals in industrialised units without access to traditional grazing or foraging.

Comment: A victory for the whalers, a defeat for humanity
The IWC's decision to retain its ban on whaling does not mean that the killings will stop. Quite the reverse.

Economy & Politics

Hughes threatens 'trouble' for the coalition over treatment of poor
The unity of the coalition government was under strain last night as the deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats threatened to try to rewrite parts of George Osborne's austerity Budget.

£2m-a-year scandal of MPs' rip-offs for their second homes
The expenses scandal returned to haunt Parliament yesterday as it emerged that MPs claimed more than £10million from taxpayers between July and December last year.

Education & Culture

20% fall predicted in full-time student numbers
The number of full-time students at university could drop by nearly 100,000 over the next five years, it was suggested today.

Comment: Martin Rees makes a religion out of science so his bishops can gather their tithe
The BBC's reverence for genes, space and bugs gives its Reith lecturer a claim to public money based on faith, not reason.

Race & Identity

Tory policy on immigration cap to be reviewed
Conservative policy on immigration is to be reviewed after pressure from senior Cabinet ministers and businessmen.

Population rises to 62 million but net migration falls
The country's population rose by 394,000 in 2008-09, according to statistics published yesterday. The increase is in line with previous years over the past decade, but it is only the second time since 2000 that migration has not been the main cause.

Crime & Justice

Anger at Home Secretary's decision to keep 28-day detention without charge for terrorism suspects
Rules allowing suspects to be held for 28 days without charge are to remain in force for another six months.

Peace & War

Hamas treatment of Israeli slammed
The US-based group Human Rights Watch says Hamas militants are violating the rules of war by prohibiting a captive Israeli soldier from having contact with his family and the Red Cross.

People & Power

Comment: New UN drugs tsar must be a leader on human rights
China's likely execution of drug dealers this week should inspire UN to choose a drugs tsar who will avoid complicity in abuses.

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