Life and Death

  • 31 Jul 2007

    Christian women activists have expressed anger at what they say is an alarming crisis due to female feticide in India, after two dumps of illegally aborted female foetuses were found in the world's second most populous nation.

  • 30 Jul 2007

    The international Day of Prayer for Peace on 21 September is part of a growing movement in opposition to religiously-sanctioned violence.

    Or any kind of officially-sanctioned violence, really.

  • 30 Jul 2007

    On 21 September 2007 Christians from Congo to the United States, and from Colombia to Switzerland to South Korea, will join in the International Day of Prayer for Peace - committing themselves to work for a better world.

  • 29 Jul 2007

    The Chinese authorities have prohibited a meeting of activists gathering to discuss the rights of people living with AIDS, because of official fears over foreign involvement in the sensitive issue.

  • 25 Jul 2007

    Evangelicals have enjoyed a major influence on the Bush administration, but John Dear points out that this does not mean they have a basic commitment to Jesus' way of peace.

  • 24 Jul 2007

    Perhaps unsurprisingly, a Daily Telegraph writer is less than impressed with the notion that there could be a Christian problem with religious violence per se, not just Muslim versions of it.

  • 21 Jul 2007

    At the root of death-dealing religion and ideology is fear, says Simon Barrow. The biggest challenge we face today is how to challenge cultures of death from within, replacing the logic of the sword with an invitation to life.

  • 16 Jul 2007

    Pax Christi (the Catholic peace movement), the Fellowship of Reconciliation and St Ethelberga's Centre for Peace and Reconciliation are co-hosts of an evening in central London looking at nonviolence in the midst of conflict.

  • 9 Jul 2007

    A Christian health organization in India has warned that new official statistics showing a fall in the number of people living with HIV/AIDS in the south Asian country should not lead to people lowering their guard.

  • 9 Jul 2007

    World Council of Churches' general secretary the Rev Dr Samuel Kobia has asked men to join the efforts of women across the world in dealing with the AIDS pandemic. He has also challenged the churches.