Sex and Gender

  • 8 Mar 2013

    Churches have been urged to respond with prayer and action in the face of an alarming growth of violence against women with disabilities.

  • 8 Mar 2013

    Each year around the world, International Women's Day (IWD) is celebrated on March 8. Thousands of events occur not just on this day but throughout March to mark the economic, political and social achievements of women.

  • 6 Mar 2013

    A leading Scottish Catholic academic, commentator and Vatican adviser says the Cardinal O'Brien affair provides an opportunity for the Church to reform itself.

  • 5 Mar 2013

    Chridtian Aid has welcomed a speech on women's empowerment given by the Secretary of State for International Development, Justine Greening.

  • 4 Mar 2013

    The Catholic Archbishop of Glasgow, Philip Tartaglia, has admitted that his Church stands accused of hypocrisy over the Cardinal O'Brien affair.

  • 3 Mar 2013

    When the One Billion Rising campaign ( went global on 14 February 2013, I was travelling. I therefore didn't have time to contribute directly to the commentary arising from this important event. But the agency I work for was definitely involved, I'm glad to say.

  • 3 Mar 2013

    Violence against women is one of the most widespread abuses of human rights around the world, says Tanja Haque, CAFOD’s Gender Advisor. Women and girls in every culture and society are affected by violence and the facts are appalling: acts of violence against women and girls cause more deaths than cancer, malaria, traffic accidents and war combined. The struggle against gender-based violence goes on across the world, and the Church can and must play its role in this.

  • 25 Feb 2013

    As the Bill to allow same-sex marriage makes its way through the UK Parliament, BBC religion commentator and broadcaster Ernie Rea and guests on the Radio 4 'Beyond Belief' programme (4.30pm, Monday 25 February 2013) will be discuss whether homosexuality is compatible with Islam, and related questions.

  • 25 Feb 2013

    The spiritual head of the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland has resigned from his post the day after misconduct allegations were made public.

  • 20 Feb 2013

    Cardinal Peter Turkson may have badly damaged his prospects of becoming pope by suggesting that child sexual abuse is not a major problem in churches in Africa because homosexuality is looked on negatively. The remark is not only offensive but also reveals a dangerous ignorance that may undermine attempts to protect children.