Economy and Politics

  • 22 Feb 2015

    The response of many politicians to the Bishops' general election letter leaves us all with questions to answer, says Jill Segger. She asks if we are ready to meet the challenge of a vision beyond polemic and party interest.

  • 21 Feb 2015

    For a few weeks I’ve been trying to write a general critique of welfare reform, addressing each policy point by point, looking at the assumptions on which it was based, what it aimed to achieve, and the effect it has had in practise. It’s been a disturbing and depressing experience.

  • 19 Feb 2015

    The Daily Telegraph today (19th February 2015) reported on the new Fit

  • 17 Feb 2015

    The Church of England's bishops have issued a letter giving advice to Christians about issues to take into account when casting their votes in May.

  • 15 Feb 2015

    “Remember your responsibilities as a citizen for the conduct of local, national and international affairs. Do not shrink from the time and effort your involvement may demand.” This is one of 42 challenges and questions posed to members of the Society of Friends (Quakers) by the rather quaintly named 'Advices and Queries'.

  • 14 Feb 2015

    People unable to work because of obesity, drug or alcohol problems may have their social security payments cut if they do not undergo treatment, UK prime minister David Cameron has threatened. He has asked Professor Dame Carol Black, an adviser to the Department of Health, to carry out a review.

  • 13 Feb 2015

    UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has commended the perseverance of the leaders of Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany to bringing conflict in Ukraine to an end.

  • 13 Feb 2015

    Parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee has admitted that it was only able to consider “limited” evidence on redactions from the Senate torture report.

  • 12 Feb 2015

    New research shows that official UK growth forecasts are dependent on household debt growing three times faster than pay.

  • 11 Feb 2015

    Whoever we decide to vote for in May, we need an election campaign fought on the basis of truth, not spin. In the past, charities would have spoken out if a politician tried to give a false picture of reality, but many now feel gagged by the Lobbying Act passed last year. Happily, one charity exists solely to check facts, but it needs our help to meet the challenge of the election campaign.