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Ekklesia is not just a think-tank, but also a 'do-tank.' Here you can find a range of ideas on how to make your lifestyle greener, shop ethically, live more simply or take action on a range of justice and environmental issues.
17 Mar 2009

Church wins second eco award

A Farmer’s Market at a Preston Church of England church on Saturday (March 21) will celebrate a unique ‘Green’ achievement for a church in North-west England. _________________________________________
2 Mar 2009

Green and recycled stationery

It’s green office week, so why not get some green stationery? Ethical Superstore, one of the Internet's premier ethical retailers, has just added an attractive new selection of stationery to their stock. _________________________________________
2 Mar 2009

Green your office in Green Office Week

Companies are being urged to green their offices this week, as Green Office Week gets underway. An intitiative of the company Avery find out how to Green your office here _________________________________________
23 Feb 2009

Wireless Energy Monitor – an energy monitor that is wireless

Wireless energy saving monitor

Energy monitors have proved a huge hit in recent years enabling you to monitor your energy output and cut your electricity usage, saving money and saving the planet at the same time. Now there is a wireless version, making it even easier. _________________________________________
23 Feb 2009

Recycle, reuse and win with Ooffoo

In an effort to find the best ideas for reusing and recycling what would otherwise be waste products, online ethical community Ooffoo, are running a great competition. _________________________________________
19 Feb 2009

Fairtrade gardeners bag

Fairtrade Gardeners Bag

Spring is in the air, so check out this fantastic product from Action Bag, a Traidcraft company which supports start-up business in poverty-stricken Bangladesh. Find out more here _________________________________________
18 Feb 2009

A Green ISA – Virgin’s Climate Change ISA

Green ISA - A climate change ISA from Virgin

Financial services company, Virgin Money, are now providing an ethical investment opportunity in the form of their Climate Change ISA, a green ISA with a difference. _________________________________________
13 Feb 2009

Cut your heating bill - five top tips

Struggling to beat the credit crunch? Maybe you’ve already turned your thermostat down as far as possible; perhaps you even switched energy company recently? Check out our top five ethical products from the Natural Collection, designed to help you save on your heating bill. _________________________________________
10 Dec 2008

Advertise your green, organic and eco products for free - free advertising online

Ooffoo, launched this November by Natural Collection, is an online eco community offering a completely free online selling, advertising, monitoring, blogging and swapping service. _________________________________________
9 Dec 2008

Stop heat loss from radiators with energy saving reflector foil

Energy saving reflector foil

It makes absolute sense when you think about it, but a large proportion of the heat from your radiators gets lost in the wall it is mounted on. You can now get a two for one offer on the energy saving reflector roll at the Natural Collection by clicking here _________________________________________