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Ekklesia is not just a think-tank, but also a 'do-tank.' Here you can find a range of ideas on how to make your lifestyle greener, shop ethically, live more simply or take action on a range of justice and environmental issues.
9 Dec 2008

Recycled glasses from beer bottles

The original recycled Grolsch bottle has now been complemented by a range of other designs

If you are looking for something stylish as well as green, then have a look at these funky recycled glasses from Green Glass. Find out more about the recycled beer bottle glasses and buy them here _________________________________________
9 Dec 2008

Recycled Corona beer glasses - make a statement with your beer

Recycled Corona beer glasses made from old Corona beer bottles

Perfect for the beer lover, these recycled Corona beer glasses are made from the distinctive Mexican beer bottle.Find out more about the recycled corona bottle glasses and buy them here _________________________________________
9 Dec 2008

Recycled Grolsch glasses - green style

Recyled Grolsch beer glasses

Perfect for the beer lover, these recycled Grolsch beer glasses are stylish and eco-friendly.Find out more about the recycled grolsch bottle glasses and buy them here _________________________________________
9 Dec 2008

Solar Digital (DAB) Radio

Solar powered digital (DAB) radio

If you are going to buy a DAB radio, then why not go green and buy a solar powered digital (DAB) radio? Available in a range of colours, including shocking pink, these stylish DABs are sleek and compact. _________________________________________
6 Dec 2008

Make your own beer kit - brew your own beer

Make your own beer at home with a beer making kit from DIY Beer

There has never been a better time to make your own beer - and its never been easier to make beer at home with the introdution of DIY beer kits from DIY Beer. Find out more about beer making and get you beer brewing starting kit here _________________________________________
5 Dec 2008

Recycled laptop bag - a laptop bag with a conscience

Recycled laptop bag

Both practical and convenient these new laptop jackets will make carrying and using your laptop a breeze. Now you can keep your laptop safe and secure in this case and don’t even have to remove it when in use – perfect for that last minute presentation or homework on the train! _________________________________________
5 Dec 2008

Owl energy monitor price slashed

Owl Energy Monitor

The OWL Wireless Energy Monitor is now available for under thirty pounds, from the Ethical Superstore. _________________________________________
23 Oct 2008

Recycled Christmas wrapping paper and Fairtrade Christmas wrapping paper

Recycled wrapping paper

If you are looking to make it an ethical Christmas, we have found three sources for recycled wrapping paper and fairtrade wrapping paper, which can all be ordered quickly and easily online _________________________________________
21 Jun 2008

US Government report urges immediate adoption of ecosystem adaptation strategies

A key US government report has concluded that climate change is having a significant and irreversible impact on sensitive ecosystems and resources and urges the immediate implementation of ecosystem adaptation strategies. _________________________________________
21 Jun 2008

Threat to Antarctic whales says WWF

Whales in the Southern Ocean face the twin threat of a shortage of food and a loss of hunting grounds because of global warming, a new report from WWF warns. _________________________________________