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Ekklesia is not just a think-tank, but also a 'do-tank.' Here you can find a range of ideas on how to make your lifestyle greener, shop ethically, live more simply or take action on a range of justice and environmental issues.
10 Dec 2007

Government's position on lightbulbs thrown into doubt

The UK government's position on energy inefficient lightbulbs was thrown into doubt today after its Irish counterpart announced legislation to introduce mandatory efficiency standards for light bulbs which will see them banned by the beginning of 2009. _________________________________________
26 Nov 2007

Cheapest energy saving lightbulbs anywhere - guaranteed

The cheapest energy saving lighbulbs anywhere - guaranteed Click here to see the range of energy saving light bulbs in Dixon's ‘green shop’. _________________________________________
25 Nov 2007

Recycle your mobile phone - how to recycle your mobile

Getting a new mobile phone this Christmas? Then why not recycle your old mobile phone and get paid up to £150 for doing it? _________________________________________
20 Nov 2007

Dixons Greenshop - energy saving electrical products

Dixons has become the first electrical e-tailer to launch a dedicated Green Shop. Click here to visit Dixons ‘green shop’. _________________________________________
14 Nov 2007

Hemp bags - gifts made out of hemp

If you're much of a shopper, you will have noticed that hemp is appearing on more and more labels and tags. You can find clothes, shoes, hats, wallets, soap and hair products that include hemp. You can find out more and visit Sativa here _________________________________________
14 Nov 2007

Ethical car insurance - get carbon neutral car insurance

Before switching your car insurance you can now search a range of providers quickly and easily online for ethical and carbon neutral car insurance - saving money and the planet at the same time. The innovative eco car insurance is available through The Green Insurance Company which enables you to offest you carbon emissions. _________________________________________
14 Nov 2007

Give an acre of rainforest - save the rainforest as a gift

A great present for Christmas, a birthday or anniversary is to give an acre of rainforest on someone else's behalf.Buy or give an acre of rainforest by clicking here _________________________________________
7 Nov 2007

BBC Countryfile Magazine - get a subscription to countryfile magazine

Subscribe to countryfile magazine

If you are looking for a green, environmentally friendly present to give, then why not give a subsciption to Countryfile magazine? You can get 35% off the shop price by ordering Countryfile magazine online through the magazine group. _________________________________________
7 Nov 2007

Go sphereing - rolling down a hill for fun

Go Sphereing

If you are looking for an extreme sport that's carbon neutral, then why not try sphereing? _________________________________________
7 Nov 2007

Energy watchdog looks at potential impact of smart meters

Efergy smart meter

Energy industry watchdog Ofgem has released its annual Sustainable Development Report, examining amongst other things the impact of smart meters, which measure how much energy appliances in your house are using. _________________________________________