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Ekklesia is not just a think-tank, but also a 'do-tank.' Here you can find a range of ideas on how to make your lifestyle greener, shop ethically, live more simply or take action on a range of justice and environmental issues.
3 May 2007

Change your energy supplier

Changing your electricity supplier is proving to be one of the best ways of saving money, but also doing your bit for the environment. Click here to find out how to do it _________________________________________
9 Mar 2007

Solar mobile phone charger - where to get a solar mobile phone charger

Solar mobile phone charger

A Solar mobile phone charger means that the sun is your friend. _________________________________________
9 Mar 2007

Solar ipod charger - where to get a solar ipod charger

Solio Solar ipod Charger

A solar ipod charger means that the sun is your friend. But the solar ipod charger isn't just for charging ipods. The solar ipod charger can also be used to charge all your portable electronics through solar powerClick here to find out where to get a solar Ipod charger _________________________________________
9 Mar 2007

Energy saving plug

An adaptor with a difference: plug your PC into the master socket and extensions into the side plugs, and when you switch off your PC, or put it in standby mode, the power will be shut down to the extensions as well. You can get an energy-saving plug here _________________________________________
9 Mar 2007

Get a toilet water saver

Hippo the Toilet Water Saver conserves about 3 litres of water each time a toilet is flushed. This is approximately 33% of water used in a toilet, and 10% of total water used in a house. _________________________________________
9 Mar 2007

Get an Eco Kettle

Until now, accurately measuring the amount of water to be boiled in your kettle has been all but impossible. The result? It is estimated that, on average, we boil twice the volume of water needed every time. Which means twice as much energy, twice as much time. _________________________________________
22 Feb 2007

Energy saving lightbulbs - buy cheap energy saving lightbulbs

More and more people are switching to low energy, energy saving light bulbs, and there are a number of places like the Natural Collection where you can get a wide range of energy saving lightbulbs very cheaply indeed.< _________________________________________
21 Feb 2007

Eco-nappies - reusable nappy system

There are a number of strong arguments for using reusable nappies. It is a little known fact that children in cloth nappies tend to toilet train about six months sooner than those in disposable nappies. _________________________________________
21 Feb 2007

Natural organic duvets and bedding

Natural organic duvet

If you want to sleep well in your bed knowing that your bed linen or duvet is ethical and organic then The Natural Collection may have just the thing for you. _________________________________________
21 Feb 2007

Ideas to save energy and energy saving gadgets

To mark Energy Saving Week, Ekklesia searched to find our top energy saving devices and eco-gadgets for use around the home. _________________________________________