New web site to serve Middle East peace activists

By staff writers
February 18, 2009

Friends of Sabeel-North America, a nonprofit group that works with Palestinian Christians in the Holy Land to educate American Christians on issues of justice and peace, has relaunched its peace activist web site,

FOSNA works with the Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center in Jerusalem to promote a vision for a "just peace" through a theological approach, nonviolence and international law. Sabeel addresses the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as understood from within the Christian faith and in the context of a historical Gospel and the rediscovery of a Jesus who was fully divine and fully human, who was born under a brutal military occupation, lived under oppressive domination and was executed by occupation forces.

"There's a hope for meaningful change now with the new administration", said FOSNA's administrator, Sister Elaine Kelley, "so it is fitting that we make some changes too, particularly to assist newcomers to this issue who need the most up-to-date information and the best resources for their local church outreach programs and educational events."

The new site is a functional tool providing easy access to features that include the most recent news items on what the churches around the world are doing and saying on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and streaming videos of presentations from past Sabeel conferences, such as Archbishop Desmond Tutu's keynote address at the October 2007 Sabeel conference in Boston.

The site also features alternative travel listings, updated regularly for those seeking a traditional pilgrimage alongside an insightful Christian witness and on-the-ground experience of life for Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza under military occupation. This feature includes Sabeel trips as well as a comprehensive listing of trips offered by churches and other peace groups.

A section on Investment Activism ties in with the global movement on Morally Responsible Investment and related economic strategies to bring a just and nonviolent peace for Israel and Palestine. Resources include articles, church statements and resolutions, press releases and other items of interest.

"We have links to over 100 web sites of other groups working to change the situation in the Holy Land," said Sister Kelley. "This wide diversity of Christians, Muslims, Jews and seculars in the US, Palestine and Israel working together for the same outcome is itself cause for hope. It is our shared hope for the Holy Land and for the whole world."

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