Want an unusual animal to sponsor? Adopt a tapir

By staff writers
February 4, 2009
Adopt or sponsor an unusual animal like a tapir

If you are looking for an unusual animal to sponsor or adopt, then a Tapir could be just what you are looking for.

The Malayan tapir, like all tapirs, is very much in danger of extinction. Their closest relatives are the rhino or the horse. They have few natural predators because they are so large, but human activities, such as deforestation and planned flooding for hydroelectric projects are the main cause of their decline. They are also traded illegally and are often worth up to US$55,000.

It has never been more important to protect endangered species so why not do so today through the WWF? It can be done To sponsor an animal through the WWF click here.

The WWF is dedicated to nurturing and protecting endangered species of animals from all over the world. Their website offers you the opportunity to contribute to the welfare of many different species that desperately need protection. Through its animal adoption and sponsorship scheme, the WWF returns endangered animals, including Tapirs, to safe, natural habitats. Adopt or sponsor an animal today, and help them do their vital work.

Adopting an animal in this way is also a creative and worthwhile ethical gift for family or friends whether it be for Christmas, a birthday or even as a creative wedding gift.

To sponsor an animal through the WWF click here.

To sponsor an animal with PDSA click here.

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