Adopt a Penguin on World Penguin Day

By staff writers
March 9, 2009
Adopt a penguin

Every year around April 25, millions of penguins will begin their annual northward migration away from the tenebrous Antarctic winter in search of better-illuminated icebergs. Unlike most migrating bird species, the average penguin will choose not to fly, but rather waddle and swim its way to its new habitat.

World Penguin Day recognises this significant event in the penguins’ annual cycle, celebrating and providing a voice for these beautiful birds. Even the all-knowing internet seemed uncertain about the origins of this international festivity, though the practitioners of the event are clearly passionate about it; from creating penguin colonies by getting a group of friends to wear black and white tuxes to enthusiastically blogging about the birds, this day is widely celebrated. It’s easy to get involved – anything penguin-themed goes.

Like many species, the penguin population is currently under threat. Not only has global warming affected the snowy habitats of these creatures, but it has also impacted the life cycles of the animals they eat. Centres such as Volunteer Point are working to maintain this species, preventing it from becoming extinct. This centre currently offering a home to approximately 1,200 adult King penguins and 345 chicks and is one of the most popular tourist locations in the Falklands. Moreover, the Falklands Conservation group supports research programmes to monitor the penguins in order to establish and eradicate potential threats to their survival and prevents undue disturbance to their habitat.

So, why not do something penguinish…p-p-p-pick up a penguin!

You can adopt or sponsor a penguin here

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