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By staff writers
June 16, 2009
Fairly traded coffee

With the requisite knowledge, tools and livestock, many now struggling farmers could provide for their families.

In many parts of Africa 80% to 90% of people live in extreme poverty. Parents struggle to feed their children, and the life expectancy of many children in around five years. Adults rarely live beyond the age of 50 years.

Oxfam Unwrapped have a whole range of charity gifts that are designed to help struggling farmers in the developing world. These charity gifts help farmers live sustainably by making sure they have up-to-date farming methods, appropriate tools and the right training. They can all be given quickly and easily online, as a gift on someone else’s behalf for a birthday, an anniversary or Christmas. All you do is visit the Oxfam Unwrapped website, select the charity gift, and card with your personal message will be sent to a friend, relative or loved one telling them what has been given on their behalf.

The benefits of these farming charity gifts for the recipients can also turn around the fortunes of families who have very little.

• Coffee Charity Gift, £15.00

Farmers in Chefe Jenneta, Ethiopia have benefited from this charity gift. It has enabled them to grow a higher quality of coffee bean. These sell for more at market, making the farmers more profit with which to support their families. This charity gift includes equipment, tools and training. Because the beans being produced in Chefe Jenneta are of a higher quality they can be sold on the international market through a local cooperative.

Click here to buy this farming charity gift from Oxfam Unwrapped

• Bee Keeping Charity Gift, £50.00

Lume Isufmehaj from Ure e Shtrenjte in Albania was a recipient of this charity gift. It includes bees, hives, training, and lessons in honey production and selling techniques. Speaking of the impact this charity gift has made on her life, Lume recently said: “Before women did not have specific jobs. Now those that are involved in the bee project feel proud of their work.” This farming charity gift helps maximise the income generated by keeping bees. Its focus on women helps raise their social status and support their families. This charity gift also comes with a free DVD and gift box.

Click here to purchase the bee keeper farming charity gift from Oxfam Unwrapped

• Olive Growers Charity Gift, £32.00

This farming gift enables farmers to get more profit from their olive crop. It does so by teaching them innovative farming techniques and supplying them with tools and seeds. The benefits of this charity gift are like ripples in a pool, helping the whole community, not just the individual farmer. Olive farmers in Srifa, South Lebanon have seen the benefit of this gift. The skills gained through it have helped earn them more for their fruit and oil. They have also formed a farming cooperative along with other olive farmers.

Click here to buy this charity gift for olive farmers from Oxfam Unwrapped

• Seaweed Farming Charity Gift, £45.00

For just £45 this charity gift will help seaweed farmers improve and conserve their stocks. The gift provides training on the growth and development of seaweed, and on sustainable farming practices. It also provides marketing and business training for small family seaweed farms.

Working in Concepcion, Chile, Oxfam have help female seaweed farmers unionise and get a fair price for their crop. This charity gift has provided the advice and training necessary to enable these women to negotiate a price directly with an exporting company – cutting out the middle-man.

Click here to buy this farming charity gift from Oxfam Unwrapped

It is very quick and easy to buy a charity gift. All you do is visit the web site, pick a charity gift that suits your needs, and then choose a card with a personal message to send to your loved one on whose behalf you are buying the charity gift.

The main charity gift sites are as follows:

Christian Aid – Present Aid

World Vision – Must Have Gifts

Oxfam – Unwrapped

Practical Action – Practical Presents

CAFOD – World Gifts

Action Aid – Gifts in Action

UNICEF – Inspired Gifts

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