Ideas to save energy and energy saving gadgets

By staff writers
February 21, 2007

To mark Energy Saving Week, Ekklesia searched to find our top energy saving devices and eco-gadgets for use around the home.

Energy saving week is an initiative run by the Energy Saving Trust and is now in its ninth year. The week long national campaign is to raise awareness of the damaging effect that wasting energy has on the climate.

The Energy Saving Trust launched a national consumer campaign, 'Save Your 20%', during Energy Saving Week. It was aimed at encouraging individuals to adopt multiple energy saving measures in their everyday lives to help reduce their energy consumption and in turn do their bit to prevent climate change.

Below are ten of the best ideas we found to save water, to save electricity and to use solar power and alternative sources of energy.


Save energy with an Eco Kettle. Until now, accurately measuring the amount of water to be boiled in your kettle has been all but impossible. The result? It is estimated that, on average, we boil twice the volume of water needed every time. Which means twice as much energy, twice as much time. With a 3kW kettle that’s the same as wasting the energy of around 50 light bulbs!

The Eco Kettle is different: its internal reservoir holds a full capacity of water ready for use, while the measuring button allows any quantity – from a single cupful to full capacity – to be released into the separate chamber for boiling. The result? Exactly the right amount of water every time you boil – and no more waste.

The Eco Kettle has been approved by the Good Housekeeping Institute and is recommended by Powergen as a pioneering product in the battle to save energy in the nation's homes. During independent consumer trials directed by the Energy Saving Trust, the Eco Kettle used over 30% less energy than standard kettles.

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Hippo the Toilet Water Saver

Hippo the Toilet Water Saver conserves about 3 litres of water each time a toilet is flushed. This is approximately 33% of water used in a toilet, and 10% of total water used in a house.

The Hippo is made from heavy gauge polyethylene, which sits in the toilet cistern. When the toilet is flushed, the water confined in the Hippo is saved. If you find the level of saving impairs the flushing, you can simply cut off one of the bottom corners of the bag.

Each Hippo has a small hole punched through both sides. This acts as a relief valve, allowing slow circulation of water to prevent stagnation and evaporation.

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Energy Saving Intelli Plug

An adaptor with a difference: plug your PC into the master socket and extensions into the side plugs, and when you switch off your PC, or put it in standby mode, the power will be shut down to the extensions as well.

Even better, the IntelliPlug looks for patterns of power usage rather than simply cutting off the power when it drops below a set threshold. Additionally, the Intelliplug has a basic surge protector to keep your computer safe.

Daily electrical savings including the savings from speakers, and printer equal 0.24KWh, and annually, 84KWh.

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Intelligent Mains Plug Panel

The Intelligent Mains Plug Panel remembers to be eco-conscious when you don't. Specifically made for desktop computers, it automatically switches power to connected peripherals off, when the computer is on stand by or has been turned off completely.

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Solar Charger

High tech Scotty solar charger will charge IPods, Digital Cameras, PDAs and any device that has a USB port. The Solar Charger comes with a USB cable.

For instant energy, two AA alkaline batteries can be loaded. The LED indicates when Scotty is charging. Left in a sunny spot in the morning, the batteries will be fully charged by early afternoon. It takes about seven hours to be fully charged.

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Electrisave Electricity Monitor

The award-winning Electrisave is a wireless electricity usage monitor which shows you how much electricity you use at home, how much it costs you, and how much harmful C02 emissions you are contributing to the environment through your electricity usage – a valuable tool providing you and your family with the information you need to reduce electricity consumption saving you up to 25% on your electricity bill while doing your bit for the environment.

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Moonlight Night Light

The Moonlight Night Light is a highly energy efficient way of keeping away the imaginary nighttimes monsters. The night light will run 24 hours a day for 365 days a year for under 50 pence. It emits a cool blue green electro-luminescent light, perfect for night lighting in bedrooms, hallways and corridors. Compatible with any 3 pin socket.

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Energy saving light bulbs

The old favourite, but more and more people are switching to low energy, energy saving light bulbs, which you can get very cheaply indeed.

In most homes, lighting accounts for around 10-15 per cent of an electricity bill. Traditional light bulbs waste a lot of their energy by turning it into heat. Each energy saving bulb can reduce your electricity bill by up to £7 a year. They also last, on average up to 12 times longer than ordinary light bulbs.

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Oxygenics BodySpa Shower Head

This innovative showerhead simply attaches to your existing fitting, conserving water and energy without sacrificing pressure. This amazing showerhead not only offers a truly revitalizing shower, but also makes water savings of between 30 and 70%. Its patented pressure technology accelerates, energises and oxygenates the water flow, allowing you to enjoy its massaging, deep cleansing sensation. The showerhead is easy to install onto any shower fixture (comes with hose and fixing kit) and has the added benefit of the manufacturer’s no-clog guarantee. Comes in brushed nickel finish.

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Gas energy Saver

The Ethical Superstore now stocks the Gas Energy Saver. It is a handy device that can help to decrease your household carbon footprint. It works by making sure no gas is wasted during cooking. Most domestic cooking hobs are actually inefficient and don’t burn all the gas they use. Not only is this bad for the environment, it is burning holes in our pockets.
The device retails at a mere £7.95 and will pay for itself many times over before long. It consists of a catalytic alloy disc which fits neatly onto your hob. It allows your hob to heat up to 1000ºC by converting all the gas to usable energy. You'll cook your food in less time with less gas, saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint!

Gas energy Saver

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