Cut your heating bill - five top tips

By staff writers
February 13, 2009

Struggling to beat the credit crunch? Maybe you’ve already turned your thermostat down as far as possible; perhaps you even switched energy company recently? Check out our top five ethical products from the Natural Collection, designed to help you save on your heating bill:

The Natural Collection

Block the gaps under your doors with a stylish draught excluder With a choice between two durable 'eco-chic' fabrics, this simple product is a great, tried and tested way to keep the heat in. Find out more here

Have you got draughty gaps between your floorboards? You can seal them up with the Gapseal Draught Stopper. It comes in two different shades, and when in place is almost invisible. This non-adhesive design is also a snap to install. Find out more here

Maximise the benefit of the heat in your house with a Radiator Reflector. It’s a smart, simple solution to heat loss in the home, which works by bouncing the heat normally lost into the wall behind the radiator, back into the room. It's also quick and easy to install. Find out more here

Seal your roof space with an easy to use DIY Loft Insulation. It's recycled paper-based and actually performs better than the standard product used. It's also has the advantage of not being toxic to dispose of. Find out more here

Don’t throw out your newspapers. Purchase a Log Maker and put them to good use. This incredible little device will create a one log for every newspaper, each log giving you a whole hour of burning. Find out more here.

Find out more about these and other great ideas at the Natural Collection here

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