Solar energy kit - buy solar panels for your home

By staff writers
November 5, 2007
Solar panel kit for your home

More and more people are fitting solar panels to their homes and houses in a drive to become self-sufficient in their energy use, or cut their CO2 emissions.

There are now a range of solar energy kits to buy which allow you to do it yourself. For example look at the range of DIY solar panels and solar panel kits at the Ethical Superstore. Alternatively look at this range of solar panels from the Natural Collection.

The Ethical Superstore provides a solar panel kit which is affordable, cheap even, and a starting point for reaching self sufficiency at home, business, holiday cottage or anywhere that may be subject to power cuts or inaccessibility. The kit contains all the necessary parts to help you to produce your own power within a few hours of set up.

The solar panel is located outside, and supplied with a robust aluminium stand, which allows location either in a garden or on a flat roof. The supplied cable then runs from the solar panel and connects directly into the waterproof battery box, which contains a high performance battery and charge controller. The battery output cable then needs to enter the building, where it is then connected to the supplied power inverter. The inverter has a UK 3-pin socket at the other end, where a multi gang extension cable can be attached to run your electrical appliances.

The kit will power most household electrical devices including: CD player, TV, video-DVD player, satellite box, laptops, desktops, printer, fax, mobile phone chargers, desk lamps, toasters, coffee makers, lights.

See the range of solar panels and solar panel kits available from the Ethical Superstore here

See the range of solar panels and solar panel kits available from the Natural Collection here

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