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By staff writers
March 2, 2008
Good Woodworking Magazine

It has often been said that we live in a throwaway culture, where things aren’t built to last and well-built, old but long-lasting items are often consigned to the scrapheap long before their time. If you resent being caught up in consumer culture and want to find a way out, perhaps a subscription to Good Woodworking magazine is just what you need? By subscribing today you can save 15% of the recommended retail price.

Good Woodworking magazine is Britain’s top selling woodworking magazine, and is packed full of great articles, equipment reviews, technique tutorials and project ideas – to inspire and equip woodworkers of all abilities. Its panel of expert woodworkers offer advice and handy hints and tips garnered from many years of experience.

Each issue of Good Woodworking magazine collects together an array of great projects that can get you started making your own furniture and decorative items. The tools used and the techniques employed are all laid out in a clear, easily understood step-by-step guide, ensuring that, a little hard work and perseverance, woodworking can become a satisfying pastime.

It’s not all technical information in Good Woodworking magazine either. Each issue profiles the personality and work of a different woodworking enthusiast. They guide readers through the process of learning the craft, pointing out pitfalls and passing on priceless tips. Family and friends will soon be looking on dumbfounded as you begin producing attractive and useful wooden items.

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