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Ekklesia is not just a think-tank, but also a 'do-tank.' Here you can find a range of ideas on how to make your lifestyle greener, shop ethically, live more simply or take action on a range of justice and environmental issues.
23 Feb 2009

Ethical business - develop your ethical business

Seeking a higher profile for your ethical company? Want to be connected to other ethical companies? You should consider joining Ethical Junction, _________________________________________
23 Feb 2009

Recycle, reuse and win with Ooffoo

In an effort to find the best ideas for reusing and recycling what would otherwise be waste products, online ethical community Ooffoo, are running a great competition. _________________________________________
19 Feb 2009

Herb planter

Fairtrade herb planter

The Ethical Superstore now stocks these very attractive, very handy, herb-growing plant pots. Get your herb planter here _________________________________________
19 Feb 2009

Fairtrade gardeners bag

Fairtrade Gardeners Bag

Spring is in the air, so check out this fantastic product from Action Bag, a Traidcraft company which supports start-up business in poverty-stricken Bangladesh. Find out more here _________________________________________
19 Feb 2009

Fairtrade red noses - of the chocolate variety

Red Nose fairtrade chocolates

Dubble, the Fairtrade chocolate people, have come up with this fantastic new product to support Red Nose Day. When you buy a bag of excellent, fairly traded Mini Red Noses, 10% gets donated to Comic Relief. Get yours here _________________________________________
18 Feb 2009

A Green ISA – Virgin’s Climate Change ISA

Green ISA - A climate change ISA from Virgin

Financial services company, Virgin Money, are now providing an ethical investment opportunity in the form of their Climate Change ISA, a green ISA with a difference. _________________________________________
18 Feb 2009

Ethical ISA with Cashback - a secure ethical ISA

Ethical ISA from Legal and General

If you are looking for an ethical ISA, or an ethical investment, but have yet to find an ISA that you feel is sufficiently secure or ethical, then look at this new offer from Legal & General. _________________________________________
18 Feb 2009

Good natured gifts from the RSPB

The RSPB have a fantastic 'good natured virtual gift' scheme that allows you to support their vital work whilst giving a gift to your family member or loved one. Visit the RSPB and see the range of virtual gifts here _________________________________________
18 Feb 2009

New web site to serve Middle East peace activists

Friends of Sabeel-North America, a nonprofit group that works with Palestinian Christians in the Holy Land to educate American Christians on issues of justice and peace, has relaunched its peace activist web site, _________________________________________
18 Feb 2009

Fairtrade olive oil launched to help Palestinians

Fairtrade Olive Oil

A pioneering British company is marking Fairtrade Fortnight (23 Feb – 8 March) with the launch of the first ever Fairtrade-certified Olive Oil and Olives, direct from Palestinian farms. You can get fairtrade olive oil here _________________________________________