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4 Feb 2009

Sponsor a bush dog - an ideal gift for dog lovers

Adopt a bush dog

Research suggests the shy and elusive Bush Dog, or Savannah or Vinegar Dog, as it is also known, is threatened with extinction. Human activities, such farming and the suburban expansion of cities in South America, are the main reason its habitat is slowly disappearing. It is estimated that fewer the 15,000 mature adult Bush dogs now exist in the wild. It has never been more important to protect this dwindling species through adoption or sponsorship. _________________________________________
4 Feb 2009

No time to monkey around - adopt a monkey now

Sponsor a monkey

The Javan Langur monkey, found mostly in the mangrove, beach and freshwater swamp forests of Indonesia, is in danger of extinction. It has never been more important to protect this striking animal. And you can do so today through the Aspinall Foundation - by adopting a monkey quickly and easily online. _________________________________________
4 Feb 2009

Want an unusual animal to sponsor? Adopt a tapir

Adopt or sponsor an unusual animal like a tapir

If you are looking for an unusual animal to sponsor or adopt, then a Tapir could be just what you are looking for. Their closest relatives are the rhino or the horse. They have few natural predators because they are so large, but human activities, such as deforestation and planned flooding for hydroelectric projects are the main cause of their decline. You can adopt or sponsor a Tapir quickly and easily online. _________________________________________
4 Feb 2009

Sponsor or adopt a red panda - panda adoption

Adopt a panda or sponsor a panda

Research suggests that numbers of the Red Panda, or Firefox, as it is also known, are in serious decline. In fact, the Red Panda is considered by the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species to be vulnerable to extinction. The main threats to the Red Panda’s existence are deforestation and poaching. There is now an estimated population of only 2,000. It has never been more important to protect this striking species. Why not do so today through the Aspinall Foundation? _________________________________________
4 Feb 2009

Sponsor or adopt a De Brazza monkey - monkey adoption

Adopt or sponsor a monkey

Named after the French explorer Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza, De Brazza's monkeys are normally resident in the central wetlands of Africa. The de Brazza is set apart among other monkeys by the distinctive crescent of red on its forehead, and the white stripes along its thighs. You can play a part in protecting this beautiful species from extinction today, by sponsoring or adopting one through the Aspinall Foundation. _________________________________________
3 Feb 2009

Adopt a cheetah – cheetah adoption and sponsorship

Adopt a cheetah or sponsor a cheetah

Due to inbreeding, and farmers' mistaken impression that they eat their livestock, numbers of Cheetahs in the wild have long been in serious decline. Sponsor or adopt a cheetah today here _________________________________________
2 Feb 2009

Adopt a Black Rhino – Black rhino adoption and sponsorship

Adopt a black rhino

From being the most numerous Rhino in the world in the early 1900s, the population of Black Rhinos had plummeted to just 4,000. It’s never been so important to sponsor or adopt a rhino through organisations such as the Aspinall Foundation. _________________________________________
2 Feb 2009

Adopt a gorilla – gorilla adoption gift

Adopt a Gorilla or Sponsor a Gorilla

Research suggests that since the 1970s the numbers of gorillas have decreased from 100,000 to 50,000. They have often been the target of poachers and have fallen victim to Ebola and the effects of deforestation. You can help preserve them by adopting or sponsoring a gorilla as a gift. _________________________________________
2 Feb 2009

Adopt or sponsor a wild animal for Valentine's Day

Sponsor an animal for Valentines Day

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, the Aspinall Foundation can provide you with an creative and worthwhile ethical gift for your loved one. Is the special person in your life an animal lover? If so, through the Foundation, you can adopt or sponsor a wild animal for them this Valentine's Day quickly and easily online. _________________________________________
22 Jan 2009

Give a Red Cross Parcel through the Red Cross

The British Red Cross has launched the ‘Pass the parcel’ campaign to promote an innovative new virtual giving website, which is based on the parcels of essential supplies the Red Cross has delivered to people in need since World War Two. _________________________________________