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Ekklesia is not just a think-tank, but also a 'do-tank.' Here you can find a range of ideas on how to make your lifestyle greener, shop ethically, live more simply or take action on a range of justice and environmental issues.
9 Dec 2008

Stop heat loss from radiators with energy saving reflector foil

Energy saving reflector foil

It makes absolute sense when you think about it, but a large proportion of the heat from your radiators gets lost in the wall it is mounted on. You can now get a two for one offer on the energy saving reflector roll at the Natural Collection by clicking here _________________________________________
9 Dec 2008

Recycled glasses from beer bottles

The original recycled Grolsch bottle has now been complemented by a range of other designs

If you are looking for something stylish as well as green, then have a look at these funky recycled glasses from Green Glass. Find out more about the recycled beer bottle glasses and buy them here _________________________________________
9 Dec 2008

Recycled Corona beer glasses - make a statement with your beer

Recycled Corona beer glasses made from old Corona beer bottles

Perfect for the beer lover, these recycled Corona beer glasses are made from the distinctive Mexican beer bottle.Find out more about the recycled corona bottle glasses and buy them here _________________________________________
9 Dec 2008

Recycled Grolsch glasses - green style

Recyled Grolsch beer glasses

Perfect for the beer lover, these recycled Grolsch beer glasses are stylish and eco-friendly.Find out more about the recycled grolsch bottle glasses and buy them here _________________________________________
9 Dec 2008

Solar Digital (DAB) Radio

Solar powered digital (DAB) radio

If you are going to buy a DAB radio, then why not go green and buy a solar powered digital (DAB) radio? Available in a range of colours, including shocking pink, these stylish DABs are sleek and compact. _________________________________________
9 Dec 2008

Buy nothing Christmas

Despite the credit crunch and a global recession, this Christmas we'll be swamped with offers, ads and invitations to buy more stuff. But now there's a way to say enough and join a movement dedicated to reviving the original meaning of Christmas giving. _________________________________________
8 Dec 2008

Ethical and alternative charity presents - gifts of true love

Ethical and alternative gifts may never be the same after Oxfam, and Christian Aid, launched schemes to send goats, chickens, donkeys, sheep, camels and assorted other livestock to Africa on behalf of loved ones as charity gifts. _________________________________________
8 Dec 2008

Charity Christmas gifts online are perfect solution for Christmas shoppers

Charity Christmas gifts from charities such as Oxfam, World Vision and Christian Aid are proving to be a great solution for yuletide shoppers, looking for something meaningful to give their friends or family. _________________________________________
8 Dec 2008

Give a charity gift to a child in the developing world this Christmas

Charity gifts from Save the Children

If you are wanting to give a virtual charity gift this Christmas to a child, then why not do it through the Save the Children Wish List. _________________________________________
7 Dec 2008

Ethical unit trust - unit trust that's ethical

Ethical ISA from Legal and General

With the stockmarket at a five year low, you might be considering investing in an ISA or a unit trust. But if it's important for you to know that your money is invested in a socially responsible way, then Legal and General's Ethical Trust and ISA could be for you. Find out more about Legal and General's ethical ISA and ethical unit trust here _________________________________________